Business Ethics

Fixed is built upon a foundation of ethical behavior, and we have set high standards of business ethics for our global operations. As such, all Fixed board members, employees, and individual contractors are expected to act with integrity, professionalism and fairness at all times, and report any concerns they may have regarding the conduct of others.


We have zero tolerance of corruption and maintain robust compliance policies and methodology. This includes our Business Principles and the Fixed Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy and related procedures, which were updated in 2013 to align more closely with the U.K. Bribery Act of 2010 as well as best practices in anti-corruption compliance. We are continuously monitoring and working to improve our performance.

All Fixed employees, board members and individual contractors are required to attend anti-corruption training yearly and certify that they have read, understood and will comply with our Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy. To further ensure comprehension, all of our employees are required to pass a test on the Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy.


Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy

Vendor Selection & Supply Chain

We exercise care in the selection of vendors, suppliers and contractors, and we impose the same high standards of conduct that we observe in our own company. Our contractor vetting process includes background checks and thorough onboarding to ensure alignment with FIXED’ values and polices.

In addition to providing all third parties with copies of our Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, we routinely conduct in-country contractor and supplier training on compliance and supplement in-person training with online training portals. We also conduct rigorous due diligence on potential partners.

Whistleblower Hotline

Fixed uses an anonymous Whistleblower Hotline as a vehicle for employees, third parties and others to report, without risk of retaliation, violations of any Fixed policy, including the Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy. All reports go directly to the Chief Compliance Officer, the Director of Internal Audit, or the Chairman of the Audit Committee, as appropriate.

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